General information on feed supplements

Feed supplements take in a wide variety of products intended to supplement, in an efficient and appropriate manner, the feed rations of farm animals for a healthy and balanced nutrition.

Each product family has specific characteristics and a specific purpose.

  • Mineral feeds: these provide the mineral supplementation that is essential for a good ration balance.
  • Liquid feeds: rich in sugars and nitrogen sources, these products are an original supplement to fodder in particular for ruminants.
  • Dietetic feeds: these enable a specific intake of certain nutrients to meet a particular nutritional purpose in the life of the animal
  • Premixtures: these are the core products essential for a balanced animal diet; a small percentage of these products are incorporated into compound feed at the manufacturing stage
  • Additifs and fonctional ingredientsadded in very small quantities to animal feed, they contribute to animals’ healthy and balanced nutrition.


In addition to these broad categories, there are many other types of feed supplements. These are ingredient mixtures that are sufficient for a daily ration for animals only when associated with other raw materials or other feeds.