Main missions

AFCA-CIAL provides its members with the services of a professional organisation invested in defending the interests of the feed supplement industries.

AFCA-CIAL - an industry representative for public authorities:

  • The Association is at the interface between companies in the feed supplement sector and the competent administrative authorities.

  • As regards the businesses of its members, AFCA-CIAL is the reference contact for supervisory authorities such as the French economy (DGCCRF...) or agriculture (DGAl...) ministries but also European authorities. AFCA-CIAL has relationships with various national organisations such as INRA, ANSES, FranceAgriMer, AFNOR...

  • AFCA-CIAL performs a specific regulatory watch to enable its members, regardless of size, to comply with constantly changing French and European legislation.


AFCA-CIAL - a relay with professional organisations:

  • AFCA-CIAL maintains close relations with other structures in the animal feed sector, including SYNPA for additives or CdFNA and SNIA for compound feed.

  • AFCA-CIAL also participates in RESEDA, the network of industry bodies at the service of the security and quality of animal production.

  • AFCA-CIAL is a member of OQUALIM Oqualim which coordinates actions aimed at promoting the quality and security of products intended for animal nutrition.

  • AFCA-CIAL is an associate member of TECALIMAN for the purpose of promoting improvements to the technological processes involved in the manufacturing of animal feed products.

  • On a European level, AFCA-CIAL represents France on FEFAC 's special "Premix & Mineral Feed" committee, is an associate member and member of the Board of EMFEMA and shares its vision of issues of mutual interest with FEFANA.

  • AFCA-CIAL is an associate federation within the UIC, and passes on to its members all relevant social, technical and scientific information coming out of the UIC.

AFCA-CIAL -  commits for the future:

  • AFCA-CIAL, particularly in the context of the CSNA (Scientific Committee for Animal Nutrition), actively contributes to research and Development programmes alongside INRA or ANSES.
  • AFCA-CIAL carries out or takes part in numerous studies and drafts practical guides to help its member companies.


AFCA-CIAL - a venue for meeting and sharing

AFCA-CIAL regularly sends out all essential information to its members concerning regulatory, scientific, technical or economic issues related to their activities.
AFCA-CIAL attaches great importance to being attentive to its members opinions and has a daily "à la carte" service to reply to any requests for customised opinions or advice.

- ANSES: National Agency for the Safety of Food, the Environment and Labour
- CdFNA: Coop De France Nutrition Animale
- CSNA: Scientific Committee for Animal Nutrition
- DGAl: General Food Directorate - Ministry of Agriculture
- DGCCRF: General Directorate for Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control - Ministry of Economy
- EMFEMA: European Manufacturers of Feed Minerals Association
- FEFAC: European Feed Manufacturers Federation
- FEFANA: EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures
- INRA: National Institute for Agricultural Research
- OQUALIM: Association for the quality and safety of animal feed
- RESEDA: Network for the Security and Quality of Food of Animal origin
- SNIA: National Union of the Animal Compound Feed Industry
- SYNPA: National Union of Producers of Additives and Ingredients in the food chain
- TECALIMAN: Centre of Expertise in animal feed manufacturing technology
- UIC: Chemical Industries Union