Business sector

Proactive players in the feed industry, AFCA-CIAL members contribute to providing animals with a balanced diet that ensures their growth and good state of health and, as such, their well-being.

The fast changing animal nutrition sector demands a stringent approach in order to respect the health of the animals and that of the humans who consume their products, and this while fully respecting the environment.

Animal products (milk, meat, eggs...) provide humans with the proteins essential for a good balanced diet as well as a large variety of other nutrients such as calcium in milk, egg yolk vitamins or iron from red meat...

A major economic sector:

The feed supplement production sector is made up of a large number of operators of varying sizes and constitutes an important fabric of SMEs in France.

At the national level, more than 100 production sites employ approximately 6,000 employees, for a turnover of more than €4 billion with more than 40% for export. Active members of AFCA-CIAL also employ 6,000 additional staff abroad.

Annual production by family:

AFCA-CIAL members: decisive actions

Active members of AFCA-CIAL supply compound feed manufacturers and animal industries with the specialised feed supplements indispensable for the balance, efficiency and economic competitiveness of the French livestock industry.

All these products must abide by strict quality rules and comply with changing legislation at all times. Businesses pay special attention to the quality and safety of their products, in particular by abiding by the professional hygiene good manufacturing practice guides validated by the public authorities and certified in the framework of OQUALIM Oqualim.

They provide their feed manufacturer or farmer customers with precise technical or economic advice as part of a regular follow-up.

Individually or under the aegis of AFCA-CIAL, member companies develop cutting-edge research and innovation programmes focusing in particular on their customers' needs and those of society as a whole in a spirit of sustainable development of animal husbandry and animal products offered to consumers.