National representation :

Present throughout the national territory, AFCA-CIAL members are remarkably representative of the economic fabric of the animal nutrition sector. From the multinational to the family business with a few employees, all work to satisfy their customers, in connection with feed supplement industries.

More than 130 operators involved in the animal feed sector are members of AFCA-CIAL. New members desiring industrial representation and seeking an information relay in the face of an increasingly technical and regulated industry join regularly.

Map of feed supplement manufacture sites:


Two distinct families of members:

--> Active members are manufacturers of feed supplements:

  • Premixtures (premixes) - "Firmes Services"
  • Mineral feeds
  • Dietetic feeds
  • Liquid feeds

Some companies are specialised in one type of activity while others are involved in the production of several feed supplement ranges.

--> Associate members are upstream or downstream partners to complementary feed manufacturers, most of them are suppliers of raw materials or additives, product distributors, veterinary laboratories…

Expertise at the service of animal production:

AFCA-CIAL members are committed to providing services and relevant advice tailored to meet the wide range of farming issues.

The very high level of expertise of French service companies in terms of nutrition, industrial technology, formulation and other specialised consultancy services greatly benefit French feed manufacturers and customers abroad.

Similarly manufacturers of mineral feeds, dietetic feeds, liquid feeds or other specialised complementary feeds provide farmers with their know-how in order to best balance the nutrition for their animals with the help of the most appropriate specialised feed supplement.

An open association led collectively:

The annual general meeting of members elects its Board of directors comprising 12 to 15 members representing different industry sectors and is renewed every 4 years. The Board then appoints a Bureau of 5 or 6 people including a chairman, two or three vice-chairmen, a secretary and a treasurer. These bodies meet several times a year at regular intervals to address topical issues and decide on the direction to be taken by AFCA-CIAL.

At the same time, specialized committees and specific working groups bring together representatives of member companies working on the essential priorities for the industry with a view to defending the industry's general interest.